Kit-bashed structures

The next group of structures started out as kits and had other pieces added, or were made from a combination of two or more kits and other structural shapes. The simplest of these was another mobile home in Mulga which had the porch modified and a roof added. The most difficult was the Ergon Asphalt storage facility. Interior lighting and/or more details were added to many of these. Many of these also have exterior lighting effects. Here is another set of pictures of some of the kit bashed structures on the layout.

Birmingport - Coal loader made from Walthers modern and belt conveyors and structural shapes.

Birmingport - Large bridge crane made from Walther's kit with center section cut out, and caged ladder, walkways and lighting added.

Tow boat at Birmingport. This was a Bluejacket ShipCrafters kit with pilot house cut off and raised on stilts to more closely resemble the prototype ( upper right inset photo). Extra ladders, railings, AC unit and generator were added.

Ergon Asphalt - storage tanks are Rix kits, walkways are by Tichy, caged ladders and piping from Walthers, pump house is scratch built. In foreground is a kit-bashed shed and scratch built unloading pier.

This is another NUCOMP mobile home kit that has a porch roof and railings added. There are also a scratch built kiddie pool and satellite dish in the front yard.

This is a laser kit gotten at an NMRA structure building clinic - maker unknown. The side room extension and front porch roof were added.

Coal loader at Oak Grove processing plant. The loader section was from a Walthers Glacier Gravel kit. The blue housing around it is scratch built.

Office at USS Pipe Mill. Was a Pikestuff modern office building, cut down in height, narrowed and a front covered entrance added. Extra front door, rear garage door and end windows added.

36th Street Overpass - Roadway is from a Rix Overpass kit. The bottom curb portion of railings is from a Rix Wrought Iron Railing kit. The rest of railing is scratch built to better match the railing on prototype (inset photo) The bridge supports are just 1/2" square bass wood.

This is Jarden Home Products - Pine Mountain Fire Logs in Norrel Junction. It is a Rix warehouse kit with some added on vent details and a couple of tank cars converted to chemical storage tanks ( prototype has done the same thing). I also added a scratch built chain link fence.

These are the Jarden storage tanks with some added piping detail.

This was a Walthers lumber company open work shed. I enclosed it, added doors and a vehicle cover over one end.


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