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Track Plan


This track plan was drawn using 3rd Planit software by my friend and fellow model railroader John Stewart. It was actually drawn after the layout was built. We made careful measurments of the track and turnout locations with regards to shelf edges and walls and John transfered this information to the program.


Click on an image for a larger view.

Facts & Figures


Scale:  HO      Era :  Modern (2002-2012)    


Approx. Size/Shape:  15’ x 30’ around the wall 2' wide shelf with 4' wide center peninsula. About 385 sq ft of layout surface.


Layout Style:  Walkaround w/peninsula and lower level reached by two helixes.


Mainline length:  Approx. 270’ 


Yard/spur track length:  Approx. 410'      


Height (min – max):  34” – 50”       


Benchwork:  L-girder and open frame


Roadbed:  Cork on plywood    


Track: Code 100        


Radius (min): 30” main, 25” spurs


Turnouts:   76 -  #4 in yards/sidings - 3 are powered

                   61 -  #6 on mainline/yards - 55 are powered

                     8 -  medium curved on sidings/mainline -

                           2 are powered

                     1 -  3-way in yard - hand thrown

                     1 -  Double Slip - powered

Layout Control: Digitrax DCC, with simplex radio and

                            JMRI wireless throttle app for smart



Scenery: 100% complete on the upper level (a                                   few small details left to add). Lower level                           represents "off site" locations and will                               probably have scenery on about half of it.

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