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Listed below are a few How-to Articles written for various model railroad publications and Clinics presented at NMRA functions both by myself and friends of mine. I hope you enjoy and get something out of them.


All of these are in PDF format. 



Bob Beaty - "Thinking Scenically - Trees"

This is a document about a how-to clinic Bob presented to the Steel City Division on February 16, 2012. It shows different ways to make realistic trees for your layout.

Craig Gardner - "Prototypical Turnout Handles"

This is  about how to replace the handle on a manual Caboose Hobbies ground throw to make it look more prototypical.

Peter Amey - "Build a Chain Mesh Fence"

This article is written by a good friend in Australia, and fellow member of the Canberra Model Railway Club. It is about how to make a chain mesh (chain link) fence using floral wire posts and fiberglass fly wire (bug screen to us). There are references to some Australian people and places. There is also a reference to a Bostic glue which is not available here....just use CA or super glue.



"Implementing Operations With JMRI Operations Module"

       Presented by John Stewart & Craig Gardner

       November 2013 SCD Meeting

       2013 NMRA National Convention, Atlanta, GA

       2.5 MB PDF

"Adding a Railroad Bridge and Creek Scene to Your Layout"

       Presented by Craig Gardner

       April 2014 SCD Meeting

       2015 SER Regional Convention, Greenville, SC             

        6.7 MB PDF

"Modeling Water"

       Presented by Bob Beaty, MMR

       2012 SER Regional Convention,  Gatlinburg, TN

        5.0 MB PDF

"Making Simple Background Trees and Hills"

       Presented by Craig Gardner

       January 2015 SCD Meeting              

        3.6 MB PDF

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